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The 2020 Miss Hong Kong pageant is tentatively scheduled for the end of August.
After several rounds of auditions, the field
has been narrowed down to 16 local contestants. Voting is on right now to select the Top 10
from this batch of girls. LINK:
Several overseas contestants will join the group later on.
Here are the 16 contestants vying for a spot in the Finals:
(Images courtesy of TVB Weekly)

Amber CHAN Hui Ying
24 / 1.625m
Charmaine FAN Cin Man
23 / 1.69m
Celina HARTO
23 / 1.71m
Michelle HAU Ka Yan
23 / 1.705m
Roxanne HO Mang Shan
24 / 1.71m
Rosita KWOK Pak Yin
22 / 1.67m
Maisie Jenny KWONG
24 / 1.70m
Ivy LAI Kei Wun
20 / 1.645m
Connie "Uki" LAW Suet In
25 / 1.68m
Sonia LEUNG Yee Ting
22 / 1.645m
Kelly LIN Kai Lai
24 / 1.61m
Jessica LIU Wai Yee
24 / 1.68m
Ceci MAK Sze Ching
23 / 1.70m
Rosanna TSE Yan Ning
18 / 1.65m
Yancy WONG Yuen Yan
23 / 1.71m
Casa YUEN Faye Yin
21 / 1.67m


[from left: Kathy Zhou, Sharon Chung, 2Pr Alexis Yup, MCCC Samantha Yee, MCUSA Lauren Yang, MSFC Felisha Fan,
3Pr Jade Lun, 4Pr Nicole Lee, Celina Xu, Jocelyn Louie]

(Image courtesy of SF Chinese Chamber of Commerce / ASPECT photography / chineseparade)

Pageant took place on February 1st at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.
The contestant from Texas, Lauren Yang, younger sister of Miss Chinatown USA 2017
Karen Yang, came away as the big winner. She won the crown along with the
titles of Miss Talent and Miss Community Service.
We've had sisters that both took the top prize before
with Crystal Lee (2010) and Jasmine Lee (2018).
The Seattle rep. Samantha Yee came close again this year bringing home the Miss Chinese Chamber
of Commerce title. Last year's Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce was from Mercer Island.


Miss Chinatown USA 2020 - ➎楊若潤 Lauren Yang 《Sugar Land, TX》
1st Princess/Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce - ➒方妙雲 Samantha Yee 《Newcastle, WA》
Miss San Francisco Chinatown - ➐范文馨 Felisha Fan 《San Jose, CA》
2nd Princess - ➍葉心偉 Alexis Yup 《San Francisco, CA》
3rd Princess - ➊伍美玉 Jade Lun 《Chicago, IL》
4th Princess - ➋李芮妮 Nicole Lee 《Saratoga, CA》
Miss Talent - ➎楊若潤 Lauren Yang 《Sugar Land, TX》
Miss Community Service - ➎楊若潤 Lauren Yang 《Sugar Land, TX》
Miss Congeniality - ➓徐安琳 Celina Xu《Naperville, IL》

The coronation ball took place on February 7th at the Intercontinental
where Celina Xu was awarded the title of Miss Congeniality.

(Image courtesy of Miss Chinese Chicago Facebook)

➊伍美玉 Jade Lun
26 / 5'1" / 108 lbs
Chicago, IL
Chinese origin: Zhongshan
Birthplace: Michigan
Education: Columbia College Chicago graduate
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Traveling
Talent performance: Ice-skating
➋李芮妮 Nicole Lee
17 / 5'3" / 98 lbs
Saratoga, CA
Chinese origin: Taiwan
Birthplace: California
Education: Lynbrook High School senior
Hobbies: Dancing, Community charity events
Talent performance: Traditional Chinese dance
➌雷佳玲 Jocelyn Louie
23 / 5'4" / 115 lbs
Kapolei, HI
Chinese origin: Zhongshan
Birthplace: Hawaii
Education: Hawaii Pacific University graduate
Hobbies: Dancing, Community charity events
Talent performance: Ribbon dance
➍葉心偉 Alexis Yup
25 / 5'5" / 120 lbs
San Francisco, CA
Chinese origin: Taishan
Birthplace: California
Education: University of California at Santa Cruz graduate
Hobbies: Running, Volleyball, Cooking
Talent performance: Tap dancing
➎楊若潤 Lauren Yang
18 / 5'7" / 120 lbs
Sugar Land, TX
Chinese origin: Yangzhou
Birthplace: Texas
Education: Harvard College freshman
Hobbies: Playing piano, Drawing, Community service
Talent performance: Piano
➏周夢夢 Kathy Zhou
26 / 5'8" / 121 lbs
San Francisco, CA
Chinese origin: Anhui
Birthplace: China
Education: University of Pennsylvania graduate
Hobbies: Playing the flute, Giving speeches, Boxing
Talent performance: Flute performance
➐范文馨 Felisha Fan
17 / 5'7" / 120 lbs
San Jose, CA
Chinese origin: Shandong
Birthplace: California
Education: Leland High School senior
Hobbies: Dancing, Drawing, Photography
Talent performance: Dunhuang long silk dance or Korean dance
➑鍾書容 Sharon Chung
26 / 5'4" / 115 lbs
San Francisco, CA
Chinese origin: Anhui
Birthplace: Taiwan
Education: Purdue University graduate
Hobbies: Reading, Traveling, Photography
Talent performance: Chinese drums
➒方妙雲 Samantha Yee
19 / 5'3" / 115 lbs
Newcastle, WA
Chinese origin: Taishan
Birthplace: Washington state
Education: University of Hawaii at Manoa sophomore
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Writing
Talent performance: Singing
➓徐安琳 Celina Xu
20 / 5'2" / 102 lbs
Naperville, IL
Chinese origin: Hunan
Birthplace: Chicago
Education: School of the Art Institute of Chicago junior
Hobbies: Freestyle photography, Weight-lifting, Community service
Talent performance: Jumproping
2020 Miss Chinese International NEWS
二〇二〇年度國際中華小姐 新聞

TVB has just announced that the pageant has been postponed due to the Wuhan conavirus outbreak and
TVB doesn't want to put the contestants' health and well being at risk. The pageant was
originally scheduled for February 15th. The winner of the mainland China edition
Siqi Wang is actually from Wuhan. Expected contestants this year included:
Bangkok, Brisbane, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Montreal
San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, Tahiti, Toronto and Vancouver.

2020 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown

(Image courtesy of Sing Tao)

The 55th annual Miss L.A. Chinatown pageant took place
on Saturday, January 18. In the end, 23 year old Corrie Chan
walked away victorious. There were 14 contestants this year
(1 withdrew from the contest). Corrie will represent L.A. at the 2021
Miss Chinese International pageant.
Pageant fans may recognize 4th Princess Victoria Cua
(she tried out for Miss Hong Kong last year).


MISS L.A. CHINATOWN QUEEN - #8 陳皓盈 Corrie Chan
1st Princess - #4 周浩芝 Angela Zhou
2nd Princess - #12 韓惠蓮 Catherine Hang
3rd Princess - #9 劉綺華 Yiwa Lau
4th Princess - #10 柯穎琦 Victoria Wing Kei Cua
Miss Friendship - #7 莫從鍁 Nicole Moc

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