"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
「向日葵,象徵希望和對生活的熱愛 / Sunflower, Symbol of Hope and Love For Life」
2015 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant
美 國 華 裔 小 姐 競 選

DATE:   Sunday, August 23rd
VENUE:   Mohegan Sun, Uncas Ballroom, Uncasville, CT

Miss Chinese Champion / 美國華裔小姐冠軍-
First Runner-up / 美國華裔小姐亞軍-
Second Runner-up / 美國華裔小姐季軍-
⑬陳舒菲 Mary Chen
⑮袁雨喬 Jessie Yuan
➇李婉兒 Judy Lee
Miss Best Talent / 最佳才藝獎-
Miss Fitness / 完美體態獎-
Miss Photogenic / 最上鏡小姐-
Best Evening Gown Award / 最佳晚裝將-
Miss Internet Popularity / 網上最受歡迎獎-
Miss Congeniality / 友誼小姐-
⑯羅 昕 Karen Luo
⑬陳舒菲 Mary Chen
⑬陳舒菲 Mary Chen
➅林佳敏 Amy Hsiao
➂曾珮琪 Fiona Tsang
➁鄧曉彤 Ophelia Tang
Top 5 Finalists / 五強佳麗-
➅林佳敏 Amy Hsiao
⑯羅 昕 Karen Luo
Finalists / 決賽佳麗-
➀梁潇元 Claudia Luong
➁鄧曉彤 Ophelia Tang
➂曾珮琪 Fiona Tsang
➃韓湞婧媛 Hannah Han
➄李咏彤 Tracey Li
➆衛 荷 Lotus He Wei
➈魯 丹 Sherry Lu
➉何 媛 Annabel He
⑪戴思宇 Taylor Dai
⑫趙 瀟 Alida Zhao
⑭刁 華 Adele Hua Diao

*Mary Chen represented New York at the 2016 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong.  Mary was one of the favorites from the start, especially from the emcees.  She won the "Most Liked Performance" award which is basically Miss Talent when she performed Anna Kendricks' "Cup Song".  On Finals night, she finished as 1st Runner-up.
*Amy Hsiao was one of the 12 Finalists at Miss Chinatown USA 2016.
*Ophelia Tang was one of the 12 Finalists at Miss Chinatown USA 2016.
**Judy Lee previously competed at Miss Chinatown USA 2014 where she finished as 3rd Princess.

The emcees:
鄧寶恆 Johnny Deng
王 思 Sandy Wang
The judging panel:
麥炯星 Mr. Abraham Q. Mak, CPA (Chairman of Judges Committee)
蘇昌華 Mr. Robert So, Director & Chief Designer of Lai Hing Group Inc.
劉媛媛 Ms. Judy Mae Liu, Image Consultant / Public Speaker
    Mr. Ray Pineault, President & General Manager of Mohegan Sun
孫 雯 Ms. Linda Sun, Global NY Trade Manager & Asian Outreach Director for the Office of Governer
黃彬奕 Dr. Lorder Huang, DDS, Children's Dental Specialist of Modern Dental Center
陳迪隆 Mr. Dylan Chan, ESQ, Legal Counsel of Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant
Special Guest Performer:
馬德鐘 Joe Ma, HK TVB artiste
    Yut Chia (Yut and the Hot Four ft. Sung Lee)
劉美誼 Jessie Liu, Miss NY Chinese 2002
Pageant synopsis:
For 2015, the pageant was expanded into a national competition, it was open to girls from all over the US, not just the East Coast.  Out of hundreds of applicants, the field was narrowed down to 30.  Due to the outstanding amount of talent, a Top 16 was selected.  A competition was then held to introduce the 16 Finalists and a competition was then held where the 16 contestants introduced themselves followed by Q&A and then for the second round, they were given 30 seconds to promote their talents/strengths.  2 Finalists were supposed to be eliminated so that there would be 14 Finalists during Finals night but due to the outstanding performances, all 16 contestants were going to the Finals.
They competed in a Talent contest in Long Island where a Top 5 were chosen to compete for the Miss Talent award during Finals night. #15 Jessie Yuan was not present during the Talent contest.
Finals - The pageant opened with a vocal performance by Jessie Liu (Miss NY Chinese 2002) and Yut and The Hot Four who fiddled up a storm including a very familiar Game of Thrones theme song while the contestants did a dance number and later threw sunflowers, being the theme of this year's pageant,  into the audience.  #8 Judy Lee had to wear an ankle brace and danced in flat shoes instead of heels due to an injury sustained in the Lake George visit.  Next the contestants came out for the evening gown competition in which one of them will win the Best Evening Gown award.  The swimsuit Q&A segment came next.
The Top 5 in Talent each got to perform:
 #4 Hannah Han - vocal, Puccini's "O mio babbino caro" from the opera "Gianni Schicchi"
#11 Taylor Dai - piano/vocal, "Back To December / Apologize / You're Not Sorry"
#14 Hua Diao - flute, theme song to movie "Castle In The Sky" (halfway throught the performance, her microphone battery pack fell to the floor so you can't really hear her performance, but the audience helped cheer her on)
#12 Alida Zhao - pipa, "Blue and White Porcelain"
#16 Karen Luo - flute, "Horse Racing" which was accompanied by Karen's piano recording
Next, special guest performer Joe Ma serenaded the contestants in qipaos followed by the much anticipated presentation of the 6 special awards and the announcement of the Top 5.  The Top 5 then had a final Q&A before the crowning of the 2 runner-ups and the champion.
During Mary's swimsuit Q&A, her question was "The end justifies the means. Do you agree?"  Mary's answer: "No, I do not agree. Even through this pageant experience I learned that...the end result isn't as important as what we learn in the process..."
Amy Hsiao's gown choice that
won her Best Gown.
Miss Congeniality
Ophelia Tang
Miss Internet Popularity
Fiona Tsang
Best Gown Award
Amy Hsiao

Miss Photogenic
Mary Chen
Miss Fitness
Mary Chen
Miss Best Talent
Karen Luo

Images courtesy of:   Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant / Andy Yuen Photography

1RU Jessie Yuan MC Mary Chen 2RU Judy Lee MNYC2014 Catherine Hui
MNYC 2014 Catherine Hui with the new queen Mary Chen.
1st Runner-up Jessie Yuan.
2nd Runner-up Judy Lee.
The Top 5 Finalists
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