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「向日葵,象徵希望和對生活的熱愛 / Sunflower, Symbol of Hope and Love For Life」
二 〇 一 五 年 度 美 國 華 裔 小 姐 競 選 候 選 佳 麗 資 料
Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant 2015 Contestant Profiles
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➀ 梁 潇 元
Claudia Luong
20 | 5'2" | 101 lbs

Birthplace:  Orlando, FL
School:  Drexel University
Hobbies:  Figure skating, Playing the piano, Baking, Dancing
Ambition:  To use my self-confidence, happiness, skills, and beauty to impact my community in a positive way

➁ 鄧 曉 彤
Ophelia Tang
23 | 5'3" | 103 lbs

Birthplace:  New York, NY
School:  Hunter College
Hobbies:  Songwriting, Singing, Piano, Dancing, Cooking, Guitar
Ambition:  I wish to go back to Hong Kong and pursue my career in performance, I love the stage!

➂ 曾 珮 琪
Fiona Tsang
17 | 5'3" | 110 lbs

Birthplace:  New York
School:  LaGuardia High School
Hobbies:  Dancing, Playing the piano, viola and guitar
Ambition:  To open my own arts company one day, to inspire kids to take a step outside their comfort zone

➃ 韓 湞 婧 媛
Hannah Han
25 | 5'4" | 107 lbs

Birthplace:  Chengdu, China
School:  Hofstra University
Hobbies:  Dancing, Singing
Ambition:  To be an entrepreneur

➄ 李 咏 彤
Tracey Li
17 | 5'4" | 98 lbs

Birthplace:  Maine
School:  Cony High School
Hobbies:  Fashion, Up-cycling
Ambition:  I plan to major in International business and travel overseas

➅ 林 佳 敏
Amy Hsiao
21 | 5'4" | 115 lbs

Birthplace:  New York
School:  Babson College
Hobbies:  Hiking, Cooking, Dancing, Painting, Tennis
Ambition:  I want to become a successful entrepreneur who will one day impact the world

➆ 衛 荷
Lotus He Wei
23 | 5'5" | 106 lbs

Birthplace:  Guizhou, China
School:  New York University
Hobbies:  Playing the violin, piano and guzheng, Chinese folk dance, Belly dance
Ambition:  To become a good Fashion PR Practitioner

➇ 李 婉 兒
Judy Lee
25 | 5'5" | 108 lbs

Birthplace:  San Francisco, CA
School:  University of California, Davis
Hobbies:  Yoga, Volleyball, Volunteering
Ambition:  To become a successful entrepreneur

➈ 魯 丹
Sherry Lu
23 | 5'6" | 105 lbs

Birthplace:  Anhui, China
School:  State University of New York
Hobbies:  Playing the violin, Singing, Dancing
Ambition:  To become someone who loves life

➉ 何 媛
Annabel He
23 | 5'7" | 106 lbs

Birthplace:  Xining, China
School:  Boston College
Hobbies:  Dancing, Singing, Photography
Ambition:  To pursue a career in acting and charity work

⑪ 戴 思 宇
Taylor Dai
17 | 5'7" | 112 lbs

Birthplace:  Shanghai, China
School:  Queens High School for Language Studies
Hobbies:  Singing, Music
Ambition:  To go to a good college

⑫ 趙 瀟
Alida Zhao
23 | 5'7" | 106 lbs

Birthplace:  Henan, China
School:  Baruch College
Hobbies:  Singing, Dancing, Painting, Pipa, Reading, Traveling
Ambition:  To help people in need and homeless animals

⑬ 陳 舒 菲
Mary Chen
18 | 5'7" | 107 lbs

Birthplace:  Marietta, OH
School:  Emory University
Hobbies:  Playing the piano, Drawing, Painting, Singing
Ambition:  To create something that adds value to society and will continue to help people even after I am no longer able to

⑭ 刁 華
Adele Hua Diao
25 | 5'8" | 100 lbs

Birthplace:  Guangzhou, China
School:  University of California
Hobbies:  Archery, Painting, Fencing, Horseback riding
Ambition:  To become a successful media figure

⑮ 袁 雨 喬
Jessie Yuan
22 | 5'8" | 110 lbs

Birthplace:  Sichuan, China
School:  Columbia University
Hobbies:  Dancing, Singing, Writing
Ambition:  To become an entrepreneur

⑯ 羅 昕
Karen Luo
21 | 5'10" | 130 lbs

Birthplace:  State College, PA
School:  Georgetown University
Hobbies:  Volleyball, Swimming, Reading
Ambition:  I hope to apply to medical school next year to become a geriatrician

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