"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
「美麗人生 十載芳華」

DATE:  Saturday, September 19th
VENUE:  佛山嶺南明珠體育館 Foshan Lingnan Mingzhu Gymnasium
ENTRIES:  10 Finalists (from original field of 40)

Miss Zhujiang Champion 冠軍-
First Runner-up 亞軍-
Second Runner-up 季軍-
⑤巫雪菲 Sophia WU Xuefei
③梁美彤 Joanna LIANG Meitong
⑦黃渃雪 Snowyangela HUANG Ruoxue
Meiju Ambassador 美居大使-
Pure Ambassador 玉潔冰清大使-
Travel Ambassador 旅遊大使-
Best Transformation Award 最佳蛻變獎-
Smile Angel 微笑天使-
Best Image Endorser Award 最佳形象代言獎-
Miss Friendship 友誼小姐-
Most Intelligent Award 最具智慧獎-
Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐-
⑩鍾 晨 Irene ZHONG Chen
③梁美彤 Joanna LIANG Meitong
⑩鍾 晨 Irene ZHONG Chen
⑨田思詩 Scarlett TIAN Sishi
⑤巫雪菲 Sophia WU Xuefei
⑤巫雪菲 Sophia WU Xuefei
⑧楊文欣 Abby YANG Wenxin
④趙 媛 Amor Zhao Yuan
③梁美彤 Joanna LIANG Meitong
Top 5 Finalists 五強-
④趙 媛 Amor Zhao Yuan
⑧楊文欣 Abby YANG Wenxin
Top 10 Finalists 十強-
①招倩如 Sandy ZHAO Qianru
②黃智敏 Crystal HUANG Zhimin
⑥榮佳昕 Emily RONG Jiaxin
⑨田思詩 Scarlett TIAN Sishi
⑩鍾 晨 Irene ZHONG Chen
20 Semi-finalists 二十強-
①陳家欣 CHEN Jiaxin
②招倩如 ZHAO Qianru
③劉思妤 LIU Siyu
④盧恩妍 LU Enyan
⑤巫雪菲 WU Xuefei
⑥榮佳昕 RONG Jiaxin
⑦趙 媛 ZHAO Yuan
⑧黎美婷 LI Meiting
⑨陳雪慧 CHEN Xuehui
⑩田思詩 TIAN Sishi
⑪黃智敏 HUANG Zhimin
⑫梁美彤 LIANG Meitong
⑬余潔珊 YU Jieshan
⑭楊文欣 YANG Wenxin
⑮錢嘉敏 QIAN Jiamin
⑯黃渃雪 HUANG Ruoxue
⑰鄭雅琴 ZHENG Yaqin
⑱鍾 晨 ZHONG Chen
⑲關嘉玲 GUAN Jialing
⑳孫雨萌 SUN Yumeng

**Sophia Wu represented Zhujiang as "Miss Nanjing" at the 2016 Miss Chinese International Pageant where she finished as a Top 5 Finalist.

This marked the 10nth anniversary of the pageant.  The show included clips of previous winners and a history of the pageant.  The hosts for the evening were 阮星航, 朱君平 and 梁熾輝 with a special gust emcee and performer, TVB's 阮兆祥.  There were guest musical performances by Korean band A16 and Hong Kong singer Pakho Chau who also had judging duties.  The 3 hour long pageant was broken into 7 segments: 
(I am goddess, decade of youth, run it Miss Zhujiang, beautiful Earth, swimsuit intelligence, top 5 test, moment of the realization of dreams).  Throughout the night, the judges revealed the audience's voting which was #3 Joanna Liang taking the lead all night long.  #3 Joanna Liang was also injured, just having surgery the day before but with her strength and perseverance continued to compete in the pageant (although she had to sit out the intensive cheer-leading dance number).
The Top 5 Finalists (from left): #5, #4, #3, #7, #8
Former winners from the past 10 years of the pageant were invited on stage. (From left):
2006 Winner - Li Rui
2007 Winner - Li Xinshen
2008 Winner - Yang Yun
2008 Miss Talent - Peng Yile
2009 Finalist - Lin Bin
2010 2nd Runner-up - Li Man Zi
2011 2nd Runner-up - Feng Qiyuan
2012 Winner - Luo Yuejia
2013 Winner - Bonny Hu
2013 Miss Intelligence - Zhang Xiaoyue
2014 1st Runner-up - Tsang Chau Wah
Image source:   Foshan TV

(From left: Most Intelligent: Amor / 2nd Runner-up: Snowyangela / Champion: Sophia / 1st Runner-up: Joanna / Top 10 Finalist)
Sophia Wu
Miss Zhujiang 2015
Smile Angel
Best Image Endorser Award
Joanna Liang
1st Runner-up
Pure Ambassador
Miss Photogenic
Snowyangela Huang
2nd Runner-up
Abby Yang
Miss Friendship

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