"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
「小時侯、大夢想 / Embrace Your Childhood Dreams」

DATE:  Friday, December 8th
VENUE:  Vancouver Convention Centre

Miss Chinese Vancouver Champion / 冠軍-
First Runner-up / 亞軍-
Second Runner-up / 季軍-
⑧伍殷嬅 Cheryl Ng
⑨伍沛盈 Ruby Ng
①牛婷婷 Tingting Niu
Sparkling New Star Award / 晶瑩亮麗新星獎-
My Dream Girl Award / 夢中情人獎-
Most Charming Award / 最具魅力獎-
Outstanding Intelligence Award / 才智出眾獎-
Miss Photogenic / 最上鏡小姐-
Best Complexion Award / 完美肌膚獎-
⑥丁雪怡 Shayna Ding
⑧伍殷嬅 Cheryl Ng
⑧伍殷嬅 Cheryl Ng
①牛婷婷 Tingting Niu
⑨伍沛盈 Ruby Ng
①牛婷婷 Tingting Niu
Finalists / 佳麗-
②李楚欣 Lisa Ly
③甯馨兒 Charlee Zhang Ning
④陳思雨 Bonnie Chen
⑤周穎儀 Venus Chau
⑥丁雪怡 Shayna Ding
⑦黃敏齡 Natasha Wong
⑩胡加文 Tiffany Wu

*Cheryl Ng will represent Vancouver at the 2018 Miss Chinese International pageant.

The emcees:
廖德隆 Delon Lew
劉津 Fred Liu
The judging panel:
杜聰先生 Mr. Chung To
李歌小姐 Ms. Ge Li
夏明德醫生 Dr. Timothy Hsia
何佩兒小姐 Ms. Ho Pui Yee
勝見地映子小姐 Ms. Chieko Katsumi
Special Performer:
陳山聰 Joel Chan
The talent performances:
#1 Tingting Niu - played guitar/singing & hip-hop dance
#2 Lisy Ly - tango dance with 3 mannequins
#3 Charlee Ning - played the flute
#4 Bonnie Chen - mirror dance
#5 Venus Chau - played the piano
#6 Shayna Ding - ballroom dance with her boyfriend (this wonderful performance won her the
Sparkling New Star Award)

#7 Natasha Wong - chemistry performance
#8 Cheryl Ng - drama & jazz dance
#9 Ruby Ng - nunchuck and kickboxing performance (Ruby is a karate black belt master)
#10 Tiffany Wu - light stick dance

My Dream Girl
Cheryl Ng
Most Charming
Cheryl Ng
Outstanding Intelligence
Tingting Niu
Best Complexion
Tingting Niu
Miss Photogenic
Ruby Ng
Sparkling New Star
Shayna Ding
Images courtesy of:   Miss Chinese Vancouver / Fairchild TV

1RU Ruby Ng MCV Cheryl Ng 2RU Tingting Niu
Contestants #1-3.
Contestants #4-7.
Contestants #8-10.

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