"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
「眼前一亮、燃點美麗魔法 / "Shine Bright and Ignite the Magical Beauty"」

DATE:  Thursday, December 8th
VENUE:  Vancouver Convention Centre

Miss Chinese Vancouver Champion / 冠軍-
First Runner-up / 亞軍-
Second Runner-up / 季軍-
④王思思 Maria Rincon
①王譯斐 Prenda Wang
⑦薛茹心 Sherry Xue
Perfect Silhouette Award / 完美輪廓獎-
Miss Photogenic / 最上鏡小姐-
Sparkling New Star Award / 晶瑩亮麗新星獎-
My Dream Girl Award / 夢中情人獎-
Outstanding Intelligence Award / 才智出眾獎-
Contemporary Beauty Award / 時尚美態獎-
Dazzling Flair Award / 光彩奪目獎-
Charming Smile Award / 甜美笑容獎-
⑦薛茹心 Sherry Xue
①王譯斐 Prenda Wang
⑨吉蓁蓁 Phoebe Kut
④王思思 Maria Rincon
⑤喻子韾 Maggie Yu
①王譯斐 Prenda Wang
④王思思 Maria Rincon
④王思思 Maria Rincon
Finalists / 佳麗-
②鄭秀文 Irene Cheng
③潘美琦 Cecilia Pan
⑤喻子韾 Maggie Yu
⑥李雲珊 Venessa Li
⑧石雲枝 Katrina Shi
⑨吉蓁蓁 Phoebe Kut
⑩黃麗麗 Lily Wong

*Maria Rincon represented Vancouver at the 2017 Miss Chinese International pageant. She made it to the Top 4 for the Miss Finesse Award (Talent).

The emcees:
王賢誌 Vinci Wong
劉津 Fred Liu
The judging panel:
謝玲玲小姐 Ms. Lynn Hsieh, legendary actress
潘志文先生 Mr. Patrick Poon, renowned TV & movie star
陳暹卿女士 Ms. Stephanie Chan, table tennis para-olympian
羅毓嵉先生 Mr. Aixinjueluo Yu Ting, notable artist
鍾熠 Cindy Zhong, 2013 Miss Chinese Vancouver and 2014 Miss Chinese International 1st Runner-up
Special Performer:
麥長青 Mak Cheung Ching
The talent performances:
#1 Prenda Wang - zither / ballet
#2 Irene Cheng - Bollywood dance
#3 Cecilia Pan - K-Pop dance
#4 Maria Rincon - rap / hip-hop dance
#5 Maggie Yu - cup song
#6 Venessa Li - Chinese ribbon dance
#7 Sherry Xue - sang a Broadway tune
#8 Katrina Shi - Latin dance
#9 Phoebe Kut - modern ribbon dance
#10 Lily Wong - Japanese taiko drumming

#9 Phoebe Kut with her very energetic
modern ribbon dance routine which earned
her the Sparking New Star award.
Phoebe also starred in the Canadian film
"Eve and the Fire Horse" and won a best actress
award at the age of 9.

Images courtesy of:   Miss Chinese Vancouver / Fairchild TV, The Georgia Strait, BCBay

1RU Prenda Wang MCV Maria Rincon 2RU Sherry Xue
Maria is of half Colombian, half Chinese descent.

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