"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
「城市之光  跨越美麗國度 / City of Illuminations, Beauty Beyond Imagination」
溫 哥 華 華 裔 小 姐 競 選

DATE:  Thursday, December 12th
VENUE:  Vancouver Convention Centre

Miss Chinese Vancouver Champion 冠軍-
First Runner-up 亞軍-
Second Runner-up 季軍-
⑤鍾 熠 Cindy Zhong
⑧李佳美 Jennifer Diane Lee
①高嘉馨 Jamie Gao
Most Charming Smile Award / 芬芳唇美獎-
Sparkling New Star Award / 晶瑩亮麗新星獎-
Miss Photogenic 最上鏡小姐-
Best Posture Award 優美體態獎-
Miss Friendship / 友誼小姐-
Dazzling Flair Award / 光彩奪目獎-
①高嘉馨 Jamie Gao
⑧李佳美 Jennifer Diane Lee
⑤鍾 熠 Cindy Zhong
⑤鍾 熠 Cindy Zhong
⑤鍾 熠 Cindy Zhong
⑧李佳美 Jennifer Diane Lee
Finalists -
②蘇嘉寶 Tracy So
③戴曉欣 Jessica Dai
④岳凌羽 Hebe Yue
⑥劉一霏 Abigail Liu
⑦石汶惠 Michelle Shek
⑨王夢熙 Elma Wang
⑩鄭施蔚 Brenda Cheng

*Cindy Zhong represented Vancouver at the 2014 Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong where she finished as 1st Runner-up.

The hosts for the 2013 pageant included 4 men:
陳本岡 Brian Chan, food expert
武劍峰 Bosco Mo, food blogger
呂昀初 Charlie Lui, musician
Alex Mok, master chef
The judging panel:
梁鳳儀博士 Dr. Anita Leung, acclaimed writer
梁伯熙 Liang Boxi, former head coach of China's national diving team
陳娜良子 Cici Chen, Miss Chinese Vancouver 2008 (and MCI 2nd Runner-up)
黄海天 David Wong, environmentalist & architect
李亞明 Li Yaming, internationally celebrated ballet coach
The talent performances this year showcased a wide array of choices:
#1 Jamie Gao - acted out a monologue from the play "Women at 40"
#2 Tracy So - hip hop dance incorporated with magic
#3 Jessica Dai - cheerleading dance
#4 Hebe Yue - Latin dance
#5 Cindy Zhong - Christmas angel dance
#6 Abigail Liu - traditional Chinese (Jiangnan) dance
#7 Michelle Shek - played a musical piece from the movie "Secret" on the piano
#8 Jennifer Lee - Chinese DunHuang dance
#9 Elma Wang - Bollywood scarf dance
#10 Brenda Cheng - drummed to the song "Gangnam Style"
Jennifer who has had dance training since she was 3 really wowed everyone with her dance which ultimately won her the "Sparkling New Star Award".

Images courtesy of:   Miss Chinese Vancouver / Fairchild TV

1RU Jennifer Lee MCV Cindy Zhong 2RU Jamie Gao
#8 Jennifer Lee
#3 Jessica Dai
#6 Abigail Liu
#4 Hebe Yue
#9 Elma Wang
#5 Cindy Zhong


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