"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
「浮光儷影 華麗登場」

DATE:  Friday, December 4th
VENUE:  River Rock Show Theatre, River Rock Casino Resort, Richmond, BC

Miss Chinese Vancouver Champion / 冠軍-
First Runner-up / 亞軍-
Second Runner-up / 季軍-
岑麗香 Eliza Sam
張名雅 Carat Cheung
陳采風 Pacifica Grace Chen
Vivacious Beauty Award / 神采飛揚獎-
Miss Photogenic / 最上鏡小姐-
Charming Communicator Award / 魅力傳城大獎-
Best Posture Award / 優美體態獎-
Most Energetic Award / 活力超凡獎-
Miss Friendship / 友誼小姐-
陳采風 Pacifica Grace Chen
岑麗香 Eliza Sam
岑麗香 Eliza Sam
朱津葶 Jinting Zhu
李子穎 Vicki Li
楊慧冰 Jessica Yeung
Finalists / 佳麗-
朱津葶 Jinting Zhu
黃凱琳 Kelly Huang
楊慧冰 Jessica Yeung
黃安琪 Alice Wong
李子穎 Vicki Li
薛雅靖 Jenny Xue
劉保儀 Sara Lau

*Eliza Sam represented Vancouver and won the title of Miss Chinese International 2010.

*Carat Cheung also competed at Miss Hong Kong 2012 where she won the title of Miss Hong Kong and also the Miss International Goodwill and Airline Ambassador awards.

*Pacifica Grace Chen also competed (under the name Grace Zhu Ri-Xing) at Miss Supranational 2015 as Miss Taiwan and also Miss Grand International 2016 as Miss Taiwan.

*Alice Wong also competed at Miss Hong Kong 2010 as one of the 15 Finalists.

The hosts for the 2016 pageant:
黃長興 Stephen Huynh
孫青青 Lora Sun
陳本岡 Brian Chan
The judging panel:
Special Performer:
馬浚偉 Steven Ma


Most Energetic
Vicki Li

Best Posture
Jinting Zhu

Miss Friendship
Jessica Yeung
Images courtesy of:   Miss Chinese Vancouver / Fairchild TV, PLEM Magazine

1RU Carat Cheung MCV Eliza Sam 2RU Pacifica Grace Chen
Eliza is a triple award winner.

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