"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
DATE: Saturday, September 13
VENUE: Shangri-La Hotel, Pudong, Shanghai
Miss Universe China / 冠軍 -
1st Runner-Up / 亞軍 -
2nd Runner-Up / 季軍 -
3rd Runner-Up / 殿軍 -
4th Runner-Up / 瑙軍 -
⑬許乃蜻 Nora XU Naiqing
⑭胡彥良 Karen HU Yanliang
⑦彭沐怡 Katrina PENG Muyi
⑥加米拉•艾尼瓦爾 Jemila ANIWAR
③田雯雯 Vivi TIAN Wenwen
Best Smile Award / 最佳笑容獎 -
Most Popular Award / 最具人氣獎 -
Best Figure Award / 最佳身材獎 -
Best Hair Award / 最佳髮型獎 -
⑭胡彥良 Karen HU Yanliang
⑥加米拉•艾尼瓦爾 Jemila ANIWAR
⑩華紅翠 HUA Hongcui
⑦彭沐怡 Katrina PENG Muyi
⑬許乃蜻 Nora XU Naiqing
Finalists -
①崔   楠 Linda CUI Nan
②張   妙 Alanis ZHANG Miao
④張楚婷 Nicole ZHANG Chuting
⑤王   果 WANG Guo
⑧張倩褣 ZHANG Qianrong
⑨王家瑩 Catherine WANG Jiaying
⑩華紅翠 HUA Hongcui
⑪王璐瑤 WANG Luyao
⑫孟 露 Mia MENG Lu
     *Note:  The original #10 周爽 withdrew before the final so #11-#15 all moved up 1 number.  Also, in the initial press conference, there were 16 Finalists but one of the girls withdrew before the training period.
     The 14 Finalists competed in 4 rounds of events:  the opening number in cocktail dresses, then the lingerie round followed by evening gowns and Q&A.  Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo was on hand to judge the competition.  Official portraits were taken by famed photographer Fadil Berisha.  There were 2 winners for the Best Hair Award this year.  The results were a bit of a surprise.  The heavy favorite was #14 Karen Hu who was the winner of the Beijing region of the competition, she ended up as 1st Runner-up.  One of the favorite parts of the night for everyone was the lingerie round, in place of swimsuits.  The Finalists dressed in the whimsical costumes looked like a Victoria's Secret Fashion show and is perhaps the first time a lingerie round was held in a pageant.
Here are the stats for the Top 3:
Nora Xu - 19 years old, 1.78m tall from Luoyang.  Nora at the age of 13 already stood 1.74m tall so her mother sent her to modeling school.  In 2013, Nora won the Elite Model competition for the China region and 1st Runner-up in the 23rd annual Supermodel of the World (China) contest. She was also the youngest competitor this year.
Hu Yanliang - 24 years old, 1.80m tall, the tallest girl in the competition
Katrina Peng - 26 years old, 1.73m tall, the oldest girl in the competition
*Nora Xu will represent China at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant in Doral, FL, USA
Image source:  Miss Universe China, Shanghai China News
Nora Xu is crowned by outgoing Miss Universe China Jin Ye.
Winner Nora Xu is flanked by 1RU Karen Hu (left) and 3RU Jemila Aniwar (right).
A bevy of beauties:  MCU 2013 Jin Ye (far left), MCU 2012 Diana Xu (2nd left), in the fore-front from left: 2RU Katrina Peng, 1RU Karen Hu, MCU 2014 Nora Xu, 3RU Jemila Aniwar, 4RU Vivi Tian.  On the far right, MCU 2011 Luo Zilin, Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo (behind Nora Xu).
Best Hair Award winners: Katrina Peng (left) and Nora Xu (right).
Best Smile Award winner Karen Hu.
Winner Nora Xu in a silver peacock costume.
1RU Karen Hu in a disco snowflake number.
4RU Vivi Tian in a lollipop inspired outfit.
3RU Jemila Aniwar in a red feathery costume and Alanis Zhang is a playboy bunny come to life.
Catherine Wang is full of red lips and hearts.
2RU Katrina Peng is raining rainbows while Best Figure Award winner Hua Hongcui dons black feathers and lace.

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