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二 〇 一 五 年 度 西 雅 圖 華 裔 小 姐 競 選
Miss Chinese Seattle 2015 Scholarship Pageant

DATE:   Saturday, September 20th
VENUE:   Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue

Miss Chinese Seattle Queen / 西雅圖華裔小姐-
First Princess / 第一公主-
Second Princess / 第二公主-
⑩張曉鳳 Dawn Cheung
⑤丁亞子 Olivia Ding
⑧孟璐希 Lucy Meng
Miss Talent / 才藝小姐-
Miss Spirit / 最佳精神獎-
Miss Congeniality / 友誼小姐-
①李菁菁 Jessica Angela Lee
④劉歡樞 Sarah Liu
⑩張曉鳳 Dawn Cheung
Contestants / 參賽佳麗-
①李菁菁 Jessica Angela Lee
②鄭婉婷 Kiana Cheng
③侯格格 Gege Hou
④劉歡樞 Sarah Liu
⑥孔 寧 Dorothy Kong
⑦馮安琪 Angel Fong
⑨彭陽露 Elena Peng

*Dawn Cheung represented Seattle at the 2016 Miss Chinatown USA pageant.

The hosts for the 2016 pageant:
陳冠曄 Samantha Chin, Miss Chinese Seattle Queen 2007
, Q13 News anchor
The judging panel:
Vi Mar, Kim Vu, Joe Gong, Janet Spangler, Bruce Locke
Special Performers:
田樂樂 Lele Tian, 2009 1st Princess, sang Britney Spears' "Do Something"
李卓兒 Leah Li, 2013 Miss Chinatown USA Queen performed a lotus dance
The talent performances:
#1 Jessica Lee - piano piece
#2 Kiana Cheng - basketball routine to "Space Jam"
#3 Gege Hou - played the zither
#4 Sarah Liu - sang a Chinese song
#5 Olivia Ding - martial arts routine / karate
#6 Dorothy Kong - guitar and sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
#7 Angel Fong - song and dance to Beyonce's "Crazy In Love"
#8 Lucy Meng - sang opera
#9 Elena Peng - acting (monologue)
#10 Dawn Cheung - Chinese calligraphy explaining her name

Talent winner Jessica Lee performing on the piano.
Dawn explains the meaning of her name through calligraphy.
First Princess
Olivia Ding
Dawn Cheung
Second Princess
Lucy Meng


MS Sarah MT Jessica MCSQ Dawn 1P Olivia 2P Lucy
Dawn taking her first walk as queen.
Contestants #1-#10 from right to left in their opening number dresses.



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