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二 〇 一 三 年 度 西 雅 圖 華 裔 小 姐 競 選
Miss Chinese Seattle 2013 Scholarship Pageant

DATE:   Saturday, September 7th
VENUE:   Westminster Chapel, Bellevue

Miss Chinese Seattle Queen / 西雅圖華裔小姐-
First Princess / 第一公主-
Second Princess / 第二公主-
⑨李嘉敏 Ka Man Lee
②陳小霞 Diana Chen
⑤杜听然 Tiffany Du
Miss Talent / 才藝小姐-
Miss Congeniality / 友誼小姐-
⑩陳雪瑩 Tanya Chan
③張寶琳 Michelle Cheung
Contestants / 參賽佳麗-
①胡清菁 Teri Woo
③張寶琳 Michelle Cheung
④林 鑫 Alice Lin
⑥周薏華 Eva Chow
⑦梁美媚 Michelle Leung
⑧鄭素蓉 Jessica Trinh
⑩陳雪瑩 Tanya Chan
⑪傲 雪 Nella Kwan

*Ka Man Lee represented Seattle at the 2014 Miss Chinatown USA pageant where she won 1st Princess & Miss Chinese Chamber of Commerce.
*Tiffany Du represented Seattle at the 2014 Miss Chinese International pageant where she finished as a Top 10 Finalist.
*Eva Chow represented Seattle at the 2015 Miss Chinatown USA pageant where she finished as 4th Princess.
*Nella Kwan went on to compete and won the title of Miss Seafair for 2015/2016.

The hosts for the 2013 pageant:
陳冠曄 Samantha Chin, Miss Chinese Seattle Queen 2007
Bruce Locke
The judging panel
Jerry Lee, Chairman of MulvannyG2 Architecture
Kathy Hsieh, Miss Seattle Chinatown 1991
Fred "Downtown Freddie" Brown, Seattle Supersonic NBA Champion
Marti Jonjak, Fashion editor of The Stranger
SoYoung Kwon, Miss Washington 1991


The talent performances:
#1 Teri Woo - sword dance
#2 Diana Chen - traditional Chinese dance
#3 Michelle Cheung - glowing light dance
#4 Alice Lin - Chinese ethnic dance
#5 Tiffany Du - played the flute
#6 Eva Chow - played the piano
#7 Michelle Leung - sang a song
#8 Jessica Trinh - sang a song
#9 Ka Man Lee - sang "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables
#10 Tanya Chan - hiphop dance and rap she wrote herself
#11 Nella Kwan - sang a song

Diana Chen performing a dance.
Talent winner Tanya Chan danced hip hop while rapping a number she wrote herself.
Ka Man Lee belts out "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miserables.


2P Tiffany Du MCSQ Ka Man Lee 1P Diana Chen
Ka Man taking her first walk as queen.




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