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二 〇 九 年 度 西 雅 圖 華 裔 小 姐 競 選
Miss Chinese Seattle 2009 Scholarship Pageant

DATE:   Saturday, July 11th
VENUE:   Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue

Miss Chinese Seattle Queen / 西雅圖華裔小姐-
First Princess / 第一公主-
Second Princess / 第二公主-
⑤王佩芷 Cynthia Vuong
③田樂樂 Lele Tian
④庄麗莉 Lee Li Chong
Miss Talent / 才藝小姐-
Miss Congeniality / 友誼小姐-
⑥林美玲 Mei-Ling Schulz
②葉乃嘉 Lori Yeh
Contestants / 參賽佳麗-
①余嘉敏 Carmen Yu
②葉乃嘉 Lori Yeh
⑥林美玲 Mei-Ling Schulz
⑦劉翠華 Cherry Liu
⑧黃鳳鳴 Ming Huang
⑨雷海珊 Lianna Louie

*Cynthia Vuong represented Seattle at Miss Chinese International 2010. Cynthia also represented Seattle at Miss Chinatown USA 2011 where she finished as 3rd Princess.
*Lianna Louie represented Seattle at Miss Chinatown USA 2012.

The hosts for the 2013 pageant:
吳星薇 Amy Ng, Miss Chinese Seattle 2005
梁文輝 David Leong, kung-fu master
Special performers:
陳冠曄 Samantha Chin, Miss Chinese Seattle 2007 Queen
歐 珊 Katie Au, Miss Chinese Seattle 2005 First Princess
The judging panel
楊露莉 Luly Yang, renowned fashion designer
李恆達 Hengda Li, dance instructor
Susan Ishimitsu, former Miss Seafair
Olga Foraponova, dancer
Stephen Kline, writer
The talent performances:
performances included piano playing, hula dance, Xinjiang dance, flamenco dance,
but the Talent winner Mei-Ling Schulz, who is a big fan of Michael Jackson, performed
a tribute to the late MJ with dance moves including the moonwalk.

#1 -9 from left to right in cheongsams.


MC Lori MT Mei-Ling 1P Lele MCSQ Cynthia 2P Lee
Cynthia receiving flowers during her first walk.


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