"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
 1961 Seattle Miss Chinese Community Pageant
DATE:  July 9
VENUE:  Chong Wa Hall
Miss Chinese Community
陸杏芳 Katherine "Kathie" Melody Luke
Joan Louis
Laura Wong
Charlene Woo
Kathie Luke, of Bellevue, is an 18 year-old University of Washington sophomore majoring in art.  The vivacious college co-ed with freckles has hobbies including painting and cooking.  She is an amateur thespian currently appearing in a small role in the Seattle Playhouse production of "South Pacific".

The 4 finalists were judged on beauty, poise and personality.
The pageant was much like the Miss America pageant.  Kathie won over the crowd when she answered her question, from a sealed envelope "Which is most important - marriage or a career?"
Kathie's response: "I know that I would choose marriage.  Although every girl would like a career, I would prefer to marry the man I love and raise his children."
The Seattle P.I. described the pageant "as American as chop suey with an apple pie chaser" because the program included a multiphase selection, coronation followed by dancing and jazz music can be heard.  The music symbolized the integration of the Chinese Community into the city and served as a reminder that whilst their origins are Chinese, they are foremost Americans.
Kathie gets a congratulatory kiss from father Dr. Henry S. Luke.
[Images from the Seattle Times, Chinatown News]
Katherine "Kathie" Melody Luke
1961 Queen
Kathie crowned by Chong Wa president Chin Han.
The Contestants

(From left) Kathie Luke / Charlene Woo / Laura Wong / Joan Louis
Last year's queen Sandra Wong (left) greets the new court, from 2nd left: Princess Charlene Woo, Queen Kathie Luke, Princesses Joan Louis and Laura Wong.
The new queen takes the floor for the
"first dance" with escort Shelton Chow.

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