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2017 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant

DATE:   Saturday, August 26th
VENUE:   Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT

Miss Chinese Champion / 美國華裔小姐冠軍-
First Runner-up / 美國華裔小姐亞軍-
Second Runner-up / 美國華裔小姐季軍-
李思佳 Rose Li
吳舒漫 Shulammite Ng
李 琰 Leann Lee
Miss Best Talent / 最佳才藝獎-
Miss Qipao / 最佳旗袍美態獎-
Best in Evening Gown / 最佳晚裝演繹獎-
Miss Fitness / 完美體態獎-
Miss Photogenic / 最上鏡小姐-
Miss Internet Popularity / 網上最受歡迎獎-
Miss Congeniality / 友誼小姐-
姜嘉琳 Christie Chang
高安逸 Anyi Gao
李思佳 Rose Li
李思佳 Rose Li
李思佳 Rose Li
陳美琪 Meichi Chen
陳美琪 Meichi Chen
Top 5 Finalists / 五強佳麗-
黃雪薇 Angela Xuewei Huang
姜嘉琳 Christie Chang
Finalists / 決賽佳麗-
梵嘉禾 Shannon Fan
李嘉妍 Anita Lee
郭 伽 Jenny Guo
陳美琪 Meichi Chen
楊絲伊 Maggie Yeung
劉雪儀 Selina Liu
高安逸 Anyi Gao
梁桂怡 Cynthia Leung

*Rose Li is representing New York at the 2018 Miss Chinese International Pageant in Hong Kong.  Rose was also the 2014 Miss Chinatown Houston winner where she went on to compete at Miss Chinatown USA 2015 where she also won.
Marking the 15th anniversary of the pageant, this year's theme was futuristic.  From the title sequence video of "Elegant Invasion" to all the costumes and dresses had a futuristic look to it.  The innovative outer-space look of the qipaos this year (designed by Cindy Mak) were elegant, stylish and one of the most beautiful qipao designs I've ever seen.  Even the host Vivian Li commented that she wanted one for herself.  The gowns designed by Ruby Fang were also very beautiful.  Kudos to the production, costume/dress designs and directors of this year's pageant.

The emcees:
鄧寶恆 Johnny Deng
王 思 Sandy Wang
楊 洋 Silvia Yang
The judging panel:
    Ray Pineault, President and General Manager of Mohegan Sun
蘇昌華 Robert So, Director and Chief Designer of Lai Hing Group Inc.
孫 雯 Linda Sun, Empire State Development Global Trade Manager, Asian Outreach Director for the Office of Governor Cuomo
余思霆 Stitch Yu, Winner of 2016 Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant, Winner of 2017 Miss Chinese International Pageant
徐家鵬 George Xu, Founder and President of Century Development Group, Founder and Principal of Century New York Regional Center
林嘉榮 Joe Lam, President and Co-Founder of L3 Advertising Inc.
王中奎 Zhong Kui Wang, 重慶首信房地產開發有限公司法人兼總經理
李靈川 Ling Chuan Li, 銀淶地產開發公司董事長及靈鈺域文化傳播公司董事長

Special Guest Performer:
吳卓羲 Ron Ng
The Top 5 in Talent:
#3 Jenny Guo, Dance (Carmen)
#5 Leann Li, Street dance
#7 Shulammite Ng, Chinese classical dance
#11 Christie Chang, Vocal (All That Jazz)
#12 Anyi Gao, Fan dance
Top 5 Talent: #3 Jenny Guo, #5 Leann Li, #7 Shulammite Ng, #11 Christie Chang, #12 Anyi Gao,
Best in Evening Gown.
Miss Congeniality
Miss Internet Popularity
Miss Photogenic

Miss Fitness
Rose Li
Best in Evening Gown
Miss Qipao
Miss Best Talent

Images courtesy of:   Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant

1RU Shulammite Ng MC Rose Li 2RU Leann Li

1st Runner-up Schulammite Ng
2nd Runner-up Leann Li

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