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「Elegant Invasion」
二 〇 一 六 年 度 美 國 華 裔 小 姐 競 選 候 選 佳 麗 資 料
Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant 2016 Contestant Profiles
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Monica Peng
22 | 5'4" | 107 lbs
34" - 26" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Chongqing, China
Occupation:  Student
School:  Binghamton University (Psychology)
Languages:  English, Mandarin, Sichuanese, Cantonese
Hobbies:  Cooking, Camping, Drawing, Volunteering, Dancing, Acting (drama), Traveling, Singing
Ambition:  Being a happy person

Angela Hoyuet Lam
19 | 5'4" | 107 lbs
33" - 25" - 34"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Hong Kong
Occupation:  Student
School:  Hunter College
Languages:  Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Hobbies:  Cooking, Painting, Dancing, Playing piano, Traveling, Volunteering, Swimming
Ambition:  To help the less fortunate and bring more laughter, knowledge and positivity into the world

Angela Luo
20 | 5'4" | 105 lbs
32" - 25" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  New York
Occupation:  Student
School:  Syracuse University
Languages:  English, Cantonese
Hobbies:  Dancing, Playing piano, Exercising
Ambition:  To live a very happy and joyous life doing the things I love

Delia Wang Biondo
19 | 5'5" | 116 lbs
33" - 26" - 36"

From:  New Jersey
Birthplace:  Yokohama, Japan
Occupation:  Student
School:  Montclair State University (Psychology)
Languages:  English, Mandarin
Hobbies:  Singing, Reading, Playing piano, Impersonating, Traveling
Ambition:  To contribute to society by applying my international skills

Rachel RuiXue Ma
21 | 5'6" | 117 lbs
33" - 25" - 36"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Ningxia, China
Occupation:  Master's Candidate
School:  Manhattan School of Music
Languages:  Chinese, English, Romanian
Hobbies:  Playing piano, Reading, Dancing
Ambition:  To try my best to help the stray and unclaimed animals

Connie Tran
25 | 5'6" | 118 lbs
33" - 25" - 35"

From:  San Francisco
Birthplace:  San Francisco
Occupation:  Nurse Practitioner Student
School:  Columbia University, School of Nursing / UC Santa Cruz (Marine Biology B.S.)
Languages:  English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Hobbies:  Dancing, Pilates, Playing piano, Swimming, Snorkeling, Indoor rock climbing, Reading fantasy/mystery novels
Ambition:  To become a well-rounded individual that contributes positively both to my community and to society through medicine and the arts

Tianhuizi Zheng
21 | 5'6" | 115 lbs
32" - 25" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Hangzhou, China
Occupation:  Master's Degree Student
School:  Columbia University M.S. in Enterprise Risk Management
Languages:  Mandarin, English
Hobbies:  Latin dance (Cha Cha, Rumba), Acting, Modeling, Classical Chinese dance, Watching dramas
Ambition:  To be a financial analyst on Wall Street as well as becoming an actress

Jay Jiayanfei Li
21 | 5'6" | 105 lbs
32" - 24" - 35"

From:  Wichita, KS
Birthplace:  Tangshan, Hebei, China
Occupation:  Student
School:  Wichita State University (Finance)
Languages:  Mandarin, English, German
Hobbies:  Dancing, Fencing, Chinese calligraphy, Piloting a plane, Squash
Ambition:  I hope my heart is free of stain as ice and pure like crystal

Jinyu Shao
25 | 5'6" | 115 lbs
33" - 24" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Fuzhou, China
Occupation:  Technology Analyst
School:  University of Florida
Languages:  English, Chinese
Hobbies:  Singing, Reading, Yoga
Ambition:  To become a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist

陳 珊
Alice Chen
19 | 5'7" | 118 lbs
33" - 24" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Fuzhou, China
Occupation:  Student & Real Estate Agent
School:  Hunter College
Languages:  English, Chinese, Japanese
Hobbies:  Photography, Painting, Watercolor, Mixed media, Learning new cultures and languages, Trying new things (especially sweets/food)
Ambition:  To better the world by encouraging acceptance despite differences

孫 琳
Kimi Lin Sun
25 | 5'7" | 121 lbs
32" - 26" - 36"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Dalian, China
Occupation:  Student
School:  Queens College
Languages:  Mandarin, English
Hobbies:  Singing, Traveling, Sports
Ambition:  To be better than I was yesterday

Stitch Ssuting Yu
22 | 5'7" | 115 lbs
33" - 25" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Taiwan
Occupation:  Student
School:  Albany University
Languages:  English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese
Hobbies:  Dancing, Figure skating, Painting, Scuba diving
Ambition:  To become a successful actress and bring hapiness to every corner of the world

Airse Jin
17 | 5'8" | 120 lbs
33" - 25" - 35"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  Jinnan, Shandong, China
Occupation:  Student
School:  High School (Junior)
Languages:  Mandarin, English
Hobbies:  Dancing, Singing, Chuan opera of face-changing
Ambition:  To learn more through the Miss Chinese Beauty Pageant competition, to try my best and leave brightened footsteps in my life

Savannah Jooste
18 | 5'10" | 135 lbs
33" - 25" - 36"

From:  Los Angeles
Birthplace:  South Africa
Occupation:  Student
School:  High School
Languages:  English, Mandarin
Hobbies:  Dancing, Singing, Acting, Hiking, Fishing
Ambition:  My career goal is to become an impressive actress. Through this pageant I wish to exceed in areas that I lack skill or confidence in and most importantly I wish to understand the greater meaning of culture and beauty

Rachel Wen Yi Xing
18 | 5'11" | 130 lbs
34" - 27" - 36"

From:  New York
Birthplace:  New York
Occupation:  Student
School:  NYU Stern (Sophomore)
Languages:  English, Shanghainese, Mandarin
Hobbies:  Public speaking, Building websites/apps, Writing blogs, Playing golf, Singing, Kayaking
Ambition:  To become a real estate developer who can help build one American Dream after another for Chinese Americans in New York

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