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二 〇 一 〇 年 度 紐 約 華 裔 小 姐 競 選 決 賽 佳 麗 資 料
Miss New York Chinese Beauty Pageant 2010 Finalist Profiles
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➀ 嚴 穎 婷
CoCo Yim
23 | 5'3" | 100 lbs

Birthplace:  Hong Kong
School:  University of California, Berkeley
Talents:  Singing, Traveling, Cooking
Ambition:  To become a successful person

➁ 梁 婉 瑩
Christine Leung
21 | 5'3" | 105 lbs

Birthplace:  Hong Kong
School:  St. John's University
Talents:  Listening to music, Exercise
Ambition:  To become a role model for future young ladies

➂ 梁 凱 恩
Karen Liang
18 | 5'5" | 118 lbs

Birthplace:  New York
School:  Hofstra University
Talents:  Playing sports, Dancing, Decorating, Designing
Ambition:  To learn more about different sports to educate people and get them more involved in sports

➃ 林 雨 薇
Rainie Lin
20 | 5'5" | 105 lbs

Birthplace:  Fuzhou, China
School:  Hunter College
Talents:  Reading, Listening to music, Playing piano
Ambition:  To be a useful person for our society

➄ 任 彬
Bin Ren
17 | 5'5" | 112 lbs

Birthplace:  Fujian, China
School:  Woodbridge High School
Talents:  Dancing, Singing
Ambition:  To be an actress

➅ 莊 潔 夢
Jie Zhuang
18 | 5'5" | 105 lbs

Birthplace:  Sichuan, China
School:  Hofstra University
Talents:  Listening to music, Singing, Going to the movies
Ambition:  To become a performer whether it is singing, acting or dancing

➆ 羅 晨 晟
Rosanna Luo
22 | 5'5" | 118 lbs

Birthplace:  Hangzhou, China
School:  Pace University
Talents:  Shopping, Trying new restaurants, Live shows, Badminton, Singing, Listening to music, Dancing
Ambition:  To contribute to our community's efforts to strengthen our place in America

➇ 陳 梅 仙
Lindsey Chen
23 | 5'5" | 110 lbs

Birthplace:  Fuzhou, China
School:  Kean University
Talents:  Singing, Dancing, Shopping, Swimming, Drawing, Traveling
Ambition:  To become a successful person

➈ 王 丹 妮
Danni Wang
17 | 5'6" | 125 lbs

Birthplace:  Shenyang, China
School:  Port Richmond High School
Talents:  Volleyball, Modeling, Listening to music, Walking
Ambition:  To have a career in modeling and acting

➉ 劉 佳
Jia Liu
23 | 5'7" | 98 lbs

Birthplace:  Changsha, China
School:  Fordham University
Talents:  Singing, Dancing, Watching movies, Traveling, Spending time with family and friends
Ambition:  To build my own business and become a successful person

⑪ 陳 施 敏
Vivian Tran
23 | 5'7" | 106 lbs

Birthplace:  San Francisco
School:  University of Massachusetts, Boston
Talents:  Spending quality time with friends
Ambition:  To be successful

⑫ 張 聖 女
Cynthia Zhang
20 | 5'8" | 110 lbs

Birthplace:  Changchun, China
School:  University of Michigan
Talents:  Singing, Modeling, Shopping, Writing
Ambition:  To work at the marketing sector of an internationally well-known fashion company

⑬ 廖 露 茜
Lucy Liao
18 | 5'8" | 125 lbs

Birthplace:  New York
School:  East Chapel Hill High School
Talents:  Reading, Listening to Chinese music, Dancing, Shopping, Watching dramas
Ambition:  Don't really know yet, but sure will figure it out later


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