"Dedicated to Chinese pageants around the world"
49th Annual
洛杉磯 (羅省) 華埠小姐選美

DATE:  Saturday, January 18th
VENUE:  Universal Hilton, Universal City
ENTRIES:  15 (originally 16 with 1 withdrawal)

Miss L.A. Chinatown Queen -
First Princess -
Second Princess -
Third Princess -
Fourth Princess -
⑩李玉薇 Katrina Lee
⑬陳艾齡 Everlyn Chen
⑪黃韻心 Dorothy Wong
⑧李金子 Diana Ly
⑥蔣倩茹 Qian Ru (Jennifer) Jiang
Miss Photogenic -
Miss Friendship -
⑩李玉薇 Katrina Lee
③林碧琪 Becky Lam
Finalists -
①鄺貞貞 Kimberly Kwong
②周潔雯 Pamela Chau
③林碧琪 Becky Lam
④李美慧 Mimi Ly
⑤丁道敏 Stephanie Ting
⑦梁思朗 Hillary Leung
⑨蘇敏玲 Crystal To
⑫江林珂 Linke Jiang
⑭溫美美 Christina Wan
⑮歐韻樂 Yun (Laurie) Ou
withdrew -
⚫郭德蓉 Dow Yung Kou

*Katrina Lee represented L.A. at the 2015 Miss Chinese International Pageant in Hong Kong where she finished as a Top 10 Finalist.

    Katrina Lee was born in San Gabriel Valley and raised in Walnut, California. She graduated from the University of Southern California with disciplinary studies in Real Estate Development and a degree in East Asian Languages. She continues to expand her expertise in commercial real estate in asset management and development. After her academic studies at USC, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Beijing, China. Within that year, she also travelled to nine different countries around Asia; including India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Her unforgettable experiences inspired her to take on greater challenges in life and within the business realm. Katrina enjoys traveling, deep-water diving, running outdoor activities, and community outreach. As a young emerging individual, she recognizes the importance of representing herself as a young woman with strong values as a Chinese American, and to her community. Katrina is bold, determined, optimistic, and enthusiastic for greater experiences!
     Everlyn Chen was born in Whittier, California. Raised in Fullerton by her traditional Chinese grandparents and mother, she was touched by the sacrifices they made in order for her and her older sister to pursue their dreams. Driven by her grandparents' stories and love of cinema, Everlyn graduated from Chapman University's prestigious film school, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, cum laude with a degree in Screenwriting. During her time there she achieved both the Founder's Scholarship and selection for the Filmaker-in-Residence program, where she was mentored by producer, Jonathan Sanger (Vanilla Sky, 2001; The Elephant Man, 1980). In the winter of 2012, Everlyn began volunteering for the non-profit organization CoachArt, affording her the humbling experience of altruism and the honor of being a positive influence in a child's life. Inspired by that opportunity, Everlyn was encouraged to participate in the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant as a way to continue her involvement in the Chinese community while gaining greater insight on her heritage.
     Dorothy Wong has lived in the quiet city of Diamond Bar since the age of five. She graduated from UC Irvine in Spring of 2012 with B.A. in Business Administration, double-specializing in Marketing and General Management. Aside from her academic endeavors, she was an active member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. As the philanthropy chair, she and her committee raised over $7,000 for CampFire USA, a non-profit youth organization for underprivileged children that  develops self-esteem, positive characteristics, and leadership skills. In the future, she hopes to continue to pursue activities and/or a career that will allow her to inspire younger generations and to help them grow with a positive and ambitious outlook. Currently, she is a sales manager for a German cosmetics company but has hopes of entering an MBA program this Fall. During her free time, Dorothy enjoys dancing, playing badminton, taking small adventures to Disneyland, and participating in obstacle course challenges.
     After graduating from UCLA with B.A. in Business Economics and a minor in Chinese, Diana began her career as a Contracts Manager for the United States Air Force where she acquires multi-million dollars space satellite systems to support the troops on behalf of the Department of Defense. Diana is aspired to become a Senior Executive in the Federal Government to bring a positive influence into the American Government and serve as a role model in the Asian American community. In 2013, Diana earned her M.B.A. from Webster University as a Distinguished Graduate with Honors. Diana believes what makes her "whole" as a person is not limited to the plaques of recognition displayed on her wall but her ability to make a positive impact in this world. Diana is inspired to share her passion to educate the community about the Chinese culture through her participation in the Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant.
FOURTH PRINCESS - Qian Ru (Jennifer) Jiang
     Qian (Jennifer) Jiang was born in An Hui, China and immigrated to the United States when she was 10 years old. Growing up, her parents taught her the values of diligence, persistence, and compassion when facing obstacles and challenges in her life. In 2010, Qian graduated from UC San Diego with her Bachelor's Degree in Pharmacology, Chemistry and a minor in Photography, Visual Arts. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Western University of Health and Sciences, Pomona. At Western University, Qian serves the student body as the Director of Public Relations and Historian for the National Community Pharmacy Association. These professional leadership roles allowed her to serve as a strong advocate for her school and the community. In the future, Qian is looking forward to utilizing her Chinese heritage and healthcare skills to serve the unique and diverse cities of Los Angeles.
     Becky Lam was raised in the beautiful suburb of San Dimas. She graduated from Laguna College of Arts & Design in May 2013, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. During her time at LCAD, she attained the leadership role of Student Body President, where she was able to coordinate student events that encouraged participation in activities such as volunteering within the community. It was through her leadership position that she developed an aspiration to explore and be more involved with the city she calls her home. Having had the incredible support from her family and friends in her pursuit of art, she is currently in the process of publishing her first children's book. With this passion in art, she hopes to use her talent as an inspiring revelation that creativity can also be healing and an innovation beyond entertainment purposes for the ever-changing culture of Los Angeles. In addition to her accomplishments, Becky enjoys volunteering, traveling, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets.

Image source:  Miss Los Angeles Chinatown Pageant

(From left:  Third Princess Diana Ly, First Princess Everlyn Chen, Queen and Miss Photogenic Katrina Lee, Second Princess Dorothy Wong, Fourth Princess Qian Ru (Jennifer) Jiang, and Miss Friendship, Becky Lam)

QUEEN/MP  Katrina Lee
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